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The ganoid scales of gar, have an enamel shell like placoid scales. They also have a peg and socket joint in between them. Ctenoid scales, possessed by trout, and other bony fish do not have a hard enamel coating. Scales appear first on the caudal peduncle and then spread anteriorly. During the early larval stage there are no scales which renders vulnerability however the gills and respiratory system are not yet completely functional so the water must diffuse through the skin and into the bloodstream. Cycloid scale synonyms, Cycloid scale pronunciation, Cycloid scale translation, English dictionary definition of Cycloid scale.

Ctenoid scales

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Spinoid scales, where the scale bears spines that are continuous with the scale itself. True ctenoid scales, where the spines on the scale are distinct structures. Transforming ctenoid scales are the ancestral scale type in the Apogonidae, making their spinoid and cycloid scales a secondary loss or reversal. Though sharing the transforming ctenoid scale type with the apogonids, the ontogeny of this scale type in several scorpionfishes (Scorpaenidae) does not have a spinoid phase.

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ихт. ктеноидная чешуя * * * ктеноидная чешуя Cosmoid scales are also covered in enamel, over a surface of dentine and the inner core of bone.

Ctenoid scales

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Ctenoid scales

Cycloid scale synonyms, Cycloid scale pronunciation, Cycloid scale translation, English dictionary definition of Cycloid scale. a fish scale which is thin and shows concentric lines of growth, without serrations on the margin. Ctenoid scales, which are commonly found in the majority of bony fishes, can sometimes be utilized to estimate the age of the creature to whom they belong. This interesting exploit is possible because when a fish grows, concentric "growth rings" similar to those of trees are formed on its scales. Ctenoid scalesCtenoid scales 25.

Ctenoid scales

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Ctenoid scales


2. Example sentences from the Web for ctenoid The cycloid and ctenoid scales of Teleosteans (see p. 105) are thin plates coated with epidermis. The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds The exoskeleton is sometimes absent but generally consists of overlapping cycloid or ctenoid scales.
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2015-02-21 Cycloid scales increase in size as the fish ages. The growth can be seen in rings on the scale. These rings can be related to the age of the fish. Cycloid scales are thin, circular scales covered by a thin layer of epidermis and mucus.

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Placoid Scale of Shark: · 2. Cycloid and Ctenoid Scales of Fishes: · 3. Ampulla of Lorenzini (Dog Fish): · 4. Accessory Respiratory Organ of Magur Fish · 5.